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The Razor scooter is a compact folding kick scooter invented by Micro Mobility Systems and produced by JD Corporation.

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My front wheel well not stay it the handlebsrs

How can I keep my front wheelstright

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Could very well be the case if the T Bar (handlebar support) is similar in design to a standard bicycle set of handbars which rely on a support post which is locked into placed by a retaining nut. If that retaining nut isn't stopping the handlebar support post from rotating out of alignment, then also the handbars will be misaligned with respect to the bicycle's front wheel. Looks like there maybe a similar component called the "quick release" on the diagrams I looked up on the net.


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I’ve also had this problem. To fix it what I did was put the front wheel in a concrete crack (for the concrete to expand and contract) and put weight on the scooter and then turn the handle bard to make the wheel and the handle bars straight again. Once they are straight you need to turn the scooter upside down and tighten the little screw right about the front wheel. Hope this helps!

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Wouldn't it be better to first loosen the screw, then straighten, then tighten it back down?


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