Apple's line of MacBook Pro laptops was intended for the professional and power users. The MacBook Pro line includes the MacBook Pro 13" Unibody, MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15" Unibody, MacBook Pro 17", and the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody.

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shuld I repair my cracked mac screen or get a montior

what shud i do

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If you give us the model no. on the bottom of your MacBook we can tell you how much it would cost for a new screen. It usually is worth it if it is the LCD. It is not very fun to have a "brick" on your desktop with a black screen. Of course if that does not matter for you or if you never use the MB as a portable an external screen won't cost you much and depending on your model and RAM/hard drive could be a usable desktop machine still.

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That depends on if you need your laptop to be portable or not.

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There's a good Mac repair place that has decent prices here in the N. Cal. area:


Depending on which model, either $400 (13"), $450 (15"), or $550 (17").

It's cheaper to find a large LCD monitor (around $200 for a 24").

It all depends if you really use the laptop away from home.

Good luck.


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i got it fixed from thank guys

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