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A black ergonomic gaming mouse released by Razer in September of 2014. It is the most popular of the DeathAdder series.

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How can I replace button switches?

My switch on the right click button got broken. I can’t find a replacement on any site. How can I buy one?

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Omron - D2F-01F (Japan), D2FC-F-K(50M)-RZ, D2FC-F-7M (20M), D2FC-F-K (50M)

I just replaced my switches with Omron - D2F-01F (Japan).

Those switch models are global numbers and easily searchable.

Kailh GM Red

Huano Micro Switches

TTC Gold.

Each of these manufactures also makes switches that work as substitutes but have a different tactile feel and actuation pressures.

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Any ideas what model is the middle switch?


Yeah any idea what the middle mouse switch is? it seems to be 1 mm shorter than the stock standard middle mouse switch.


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You can use an old mouse switch it’s the same.

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