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Repair information for the Fitbit Ionic. A smart watch with GPS tracker and music player on bluetooth. This device has been recalled for safety reasons.

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FitBit Ionic, can you replace the charging port?

Somehow I’ve managed to mangle the charging port on my Fitbit Ionic, is it possible to open it up and replace the charging port? I am aware that soldering will be required. Image of damage attached.

Block Image

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Well,yes you can open it up. It will be difficult if you’ve never soldered before. Something of that size(micro usb) has 5 pins typically. It is hard to solder pins so small without a microscope,but yes it is possible. You will need to make sure you at least have soldering flux(this helps protect the solder from oxidizing and it lets it flow smoothly,preventing easy bridging of pins).

If you enjoy soldering,the hakko fx888d is a good soldering station. It really works well and is known to hold up for many years. Hakko is a reliable brand that lasts. You definitely want a temp controlled soldering station for serious repair,especially microsoldering. Those cheap irons can die at random. But if you go with a crap $5 iron,it typically comes with a small comical tip which is hard to use for an all metal port since it’s too small to transfer enough heat,and the crap 30 watt ones are too weak to maintain a temperature for melting solder. But you may be able to make due. The flux is absolutely necessary to make good joints,trust me. Also a magnifying glass stand would be better than nothing.

Now to take it off,you need to use chipquick low melt alloy,or hot air to efficiently do it. But if you have a good iron,you can use a big tip and put a huge blob of solder on it and heat up the connector.

As for taking it apart,YouTube videos are your best friend. (Stupid pun)

I’ve done them on my brother’s charging case a few times. I have done one on my sisters speaker without my microscope. But it wasn’t easy making sure the pins were connected right and not bridges.

Let me know if you want more help.

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Was für ein Port wird denn benötigt und wo kann man diesen kaufen? Denke das wollen die Leute wissen


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