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The PlayStation 3 (or commonly known as the PS3) is the third home computer entertainment system produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, and the successor to the PlayStation 2. It was released November 11, 2006

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PS3 freezes during playback of movies or games

One of my clients has a PS3 which freezes during playback of movies or games. Suddenly it just freezes and after 30 or so seconds it goes to black screen.

The model is the CECHG04.

My best guess is that the bluray drive is defective?

Now - if I am indeed right - the million dollar question for me is: can i install a new bluray drive of a newer make (fx a KES-410ACA) instead of the KES-400AAA which is supposedly installed in the CECHG?

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As long as you switch out the blu ray boards as they are tied to the motherboard you could use a newer drive. But i had this problem with my phat before it went YLOD.

Things i noticed were that the fan never increased in tempo - just sat being quiet and it used to change speed quite a lot when playing blu ray movies.

Is it possible that the fan is not doing its job? Could be an overheating issue.

As it is a 40GB Model there is a fan test built in :

Power off at rear switch - press and hold eject - then power on switch.

See if the fan test completes successfully.

If it does then focus on the blu ray drive - and if you are planning on using a new laser it may not fit on the rails but an entire drive is inter changeable (swap the blue ray boards though)

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Okay, i will try those things first then.

But if i end up focusing on the blu ray drive i have a sub questions:

Is the blu ray board on the drive or do i have to buy both a new drive and a new board matching. Could i fx buy this: and just mount it? Or do i need more?


The Blu Ray Board is attached to the Blu Ray Drive (its the PCB on the bottom of the drive about 2.5 Inches Wide and the width of the drive)

The boards are paired to the PS3 and as such when buying a replacement drive it is usually shipped without the board. The board is held in place by 5 or 6 phillips screws (black) - just remember to remove all the associated ribbon cable first as well as the small power plug.

Take care and try to observe anti static precautions when handling the board as the method of remarrying the boards can be a bit hit and miss.


After trying the things you mentioned i went for the replacement of drive and now it works like a charm ;o)

Thank you for you guidance.


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