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The first generation Honda CRV, produced from 1995 to 2001.

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2002 Honda Passport cant figure out where oil leak is?

I have a 2002 Honda passport V6 it leaks oil from the middle of the engine.I am a female and am not familiar with what the parts are called that appear to leak.theirs a cover made of black plastic that has a 2 inch long crack in the bottom of it located and attached by 6 bolts to the front of the area where the oil fill cap is.Could that be leaking oil or is it just a crack i need not be concerned about?I believe its called the timing cover, but i need to know if oil can come from.

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Best way to find out where the oil is leaking from is to put a big cardboard sheet under the engine where you park the car overnight. With that cardboard, car service will probably be able to spot exactly what needs to be replaced.

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Looking down on one of these engines, the large plastic part on the top is only a cover or shield that should pry right off. Under this would be a front and back valve cover, with the intake manifold in between. Your leak, if it’s showing up at this height on the engine, is more than likely going to be from a valve cover gasket, head or intake gasket. Also, depending on some variable features, your vehicle may or may not have additional oil lines or hoses serving other accessories, each which could be the source of a leak. As for the timing cover, this is located at the front off the engine (actually facing the engine from the passenger side), and is mounted vertically. I wouldn’t think an oil leak from this area would accumulate at the top area on the engine.

If you investigate further it might be helpful to take a few pictures that might be useful in getting the help you need.

Good Luck!!

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