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Device repair and troubleshooting for the Sony Vaio laptop with model name PCG-81313M.

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Can I upgrade the i7 2630QM?

I know that is not soldered on motherboard, becouse I open the laptop but I don’t know what better CPU to buy?

And is it worth it?

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You could. To be on the safe side, you should look at CPU’s with the same TDP. Like a i7-2670QM. But that only gives you an speed advantage of 200mhz on the base clock. Definitely NOT worth the upgrade.

So what are options beyond that ? Well a i7-2860QM would be an option, but it has more L3 cache, so I don’t know if the BIOS would accept/support it. The best upgrade would be an i7-2960XM but not only has it more L3 cache, it requires more power. So that’s even a grayer area.

If you want the most “sure” option, look for paperwork (manuals, specsheets, etc) from Sony and see if they shipped this model with different types of CPU. Those listed should have the most chance of success.

The upgrades are only worth it if you could get the CPU’s at a fair price. Above $40/$50 is not worth the upgrade in my opinion.

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