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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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My iPhone 6 Plus won’t turn on


My iPhone 6 Plus won’t turn on. And I know it has water damage but it has only been a small amount and it entered through the sim tray and only that one is red. So I have replaced the charging port to see if that does anything and it hasn’t but the Amps on my reader is more jumpy because before it stayed on 0 but now it is jumping to 28 then 24 then 16 then 11 then 0 then some other number I have thought about getting a new battery but I’m not sure if this will fix it. I have also cleaned the motherboard with rubbing alcohol Hoping that helps. Please give me some tips or advice so that I can repair my device.

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You most likely have a short somewhere on the board. You need to hook it to a bench power supply and see if it is drawing any current without being powered on. If it is then your primary short is going to be on a main power line (likely vcc_main). A favorite capacitor to blow with water damage is the one on the back of the board near the wifi chip. It is very close to the sim slot which is why it blows typically with water damage. You will need microsoldering equipment to remove and replace this component. You can remove it and see if your short is cleared. Your phone will operate without this capacitor but if you plan to keep using it I would recommend you simply remove and replace the component.

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How much does this component cost to buy or get fixed my a pro


Generally board-repairs start from around $80-$180 depending on your area. Could be more depending on the severity of the damage.


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