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Apple announced the Retina MacBook 2015, model A1534, on March 9, 2015 to launch on April 10. It has a new unibody construction and includes an updated trackpad, keyboard, and Retina display.

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What limit should I put on repairing 2015 MacBook (Retina 12-inch)?

I want to repair a Macbook 12 outside of Apple who’s latest repair bill is £580.80 which amounts to another new logic board and labour costs. They refuse to tell what is wrong with the laptop beyond the repair cost for a logic board replacement

£1995 repair bill in 3.5 years - 3 new logic boards, 1 new Keyboard

Apples own repair history is appalling and it may well be a case that whatever the repair a new logic board will be required in another n months from a new repair date.

Repair history:

06-Dec-2016, 2016 Repair Bill: £835.20 Total


Price Item Number Description

£212.00 661-02243 Top Case with Keyboard, Space Gray

£415.00 661-02249 Logic Board, ETSI, 1.1GHz, 256 GB

£ 69.00 S1490LL/A Hardware Repair Labor

£139.20 VAT

£835.20 Total




21-Jan-2019, Repair Bill: £580.80 Total

Estimated Pickup Time: 21-Jan-2019

Customer Information

Product Information

Warranty Status: Out of Warranty (OW)

United Kingdom


Date of Purchase: 04-Nov-2015



Problem Description/Diagnosis

Issue: Customer has come in today due to issue with hard drive, it will intermittently show up.

Steps to Reproduce:

any other Genius that was taking the appointment did see that he couldn’t see the hard drive when bottom into diagnostics, I took over and did pray reset and ran mri.


MRI passed

Cosmetic Condition:

Display: display have few marks round the sides and edges of the display, few marks on the back of the display clamshell.


Top case: few marks round the sides of the top case and on the top side of the top case.


Bottom case: multiple marks on the bottom case.

Proposed Resolution:

Booking in for triage


Run full diagnostics start with ASD OS and EFI

Mac OS Version: Unknown

Hard Drive Size: 251

Memory Size: 8192


Employee 973589710


Repair Estimate

Item Number



Amount Due

Customer KBB


Logic Board, ETSI, 1.1GHz, 256 GB

£ 415.00

£ 415.00



Hardware Repair Labor

£ 69.00

£ 69.00



£ 96.80



£ 484.00

£ 580.80





03-June-2019 Proposed Resolution: Machine needs MLB - OOW at £580.80

Warranty Status: Out of Warranty (OW)


United Kingdom Model: MACBOOK (RETINA, 12-INCH, EARLY 2015)

Date of Purchase: 04-Nov-2015


Issue: Customer states the computer stopped powering on again.

SMC or PRAM did not solve the issue.

Unable to run diagnostics.

Keyboard doesn’t have backlight on.


Steps to Reproduce: Took to minimal systems and trying starting the Mac up with various parts disconnected to try isolate issue but did not ever turn on.

MLB is getting power from IO board & Flex as light is appearing after connecting to charge but no further power to turn the machine on.


Proposed Resolution: Machine needs MLB - OOW at £580.80


Unfortunately, machine is outside previous repairs 90 day coverage. Not eligible for consumer law as bought outside EU and not from Apple.

Resolution: Customer Declined

Reason: Repair Cost


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2015 is the worst year for the MacBook Retina. Logicboard failure is WAY too common in these. I've seen 3 of those boards fail in the shop I work at in the last year.

My advice to you -- Stop paying for repairs. Cut your losses and buy a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or a PC. I would bet if you get this repaired AGAIN, it will most certainly fail.


Had same issue which was repaired with a new logicboard in March 2019 .

This was done at an Apple Store in Brossard, Quebec, Canada at a cost

of CA$875.00 . The same logicboard failure occured in December 2019 but being out ofCanada I took the MB to an authorized Apple retailer, OneClick, in Argentina. Same diagnostic as before after examination by the company's technician. I would cut my losses & not have repairs done as Mike Lemke has advised.

P. H. Marc, M.D.


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I never spend more then 40-50% of the cost of an equivalent/better used device as a metric. For me, it varies based on the residual value of the device and it’s only counted against the nonstandard parts - if the machine is a total loss, I can reuse that SSD in another system. In some cases it's not hard to get to the BER threshold, especially on cheap devices where all it takes is a keyboard or keyboard assembly. I’m not blind to margins like 1-5% over (Ex: Part is 52% as much), but I don’t like to leave a lot of room in that sense.

The idea is if the parts cost too much, it's not worth it to go through with the repair a lot of the time due to the cost of a used example that may be better equipped or in better overall condition. For the USB-C MB, deeming it a BER situation is easy because of the lower initial cost and residual resale value vs cost of a new one - when they were still sold new. That said it may not hurt to keep it as a donor device if you buy another one that's the same, but it may not be worth repairing. Put it up for parts if you never intend to get another one and move to a rMBP for example.

At least for me, this would have been totaled out a long time ago with my metric, based on the first out of warranty repair.

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Personally i would look for a new device! as mentioned above by another user - these models are renowned for issues!

A few notes:

A second hard refurb board can be found online from anywhere between $200-400+ , in contrast you can get a second hand Retina MacBook 2015 for around $500-600+ on auction.

After looking into the above two options another $800 seems a little steep, i would put that money towards a new device and sell the Macbook as spare and repairs working screen for $200+ on ebay or somewhere similar

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