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This Cyber shot camera is a standard, compact point-shoot camera.

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sony cyber shot dsc-w730 -reset E:62.10

sony cyber shot optical steady shot dsc-w730 -reset E:62.10

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This is an internal lens error. The error is symptomatic of this model, and it is a real problem. No resetting will solve the problem permanently. It will only mask it. If you haven't noticed your photos being less sharp and focused as they should be, consider yourself lucky and ignore the error while you can. As for me, I'm tired of blurry photos, and will use a different camera.

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Hi, E:62:10 is indeed a very well known and recurring problem that happens a lot with Sony camera's. Error messages can be found at E:62:10 is a generic error of the stabilizer. All users experience the same process : shortly after expiration of the legal warranty period the stabilizer breaks down, making it impossible to take sharp pictures, and displaying the dreaded E:62:10 error message. Thousands of users on the Internet have the same problem, the website lists more than 470 forums where users are complaining ! or just search E:62:10 on Google or on Google Videos or on YouTube !

A temporary solution could be available at

This is clearly a hidden defect or programmed obsolescence that Sony refuses to follow up despite the many complaints.

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