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Repair guides and support for Kenmore washing machines.

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Spin Cycle Needs Manual Attention

My top loaded Kenmore washer (Model 110) won’t spin on the spin cycle unless I open the door at the start of the spin cycle. It sounds like it’s spinning, but nothing happens until I lift the lid (which stops the motor), and then re-close the door (which then starts the spinning). I have no issues with the agitator, and I’ve replaced the lid switch but that didn’t fix the problem.

Since the spin function works when I re-close the door, I have a hard time thinking it’s the coupler or pressure switch.

Any ideas???

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I suspect your neutral drain assembly of the transmission is not disengaging during the pause between the drain and spin cycles. When you open the lid and stop the engine, it removes enough pressure to allow the neutral drain assembly to disengage.

You may want to make sure the timer is allowing a long enough pause between the drain and spin cycles to give the motor enough time to coast to a stop and disengage the neutral drain. It should be about 2 minutes.

Also, here is a video replacing the neutral drain assembly:

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Thank you @tdunc15 ! Is it possible to change the amount of time between the drain and spin cycles?


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