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Device repair and information for the Dell Alienware 15 R3, a gaming laptop in the Alienware series.

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Spots appearing on my Laptop Screen - Cant remove with screen cleaner

I have had my Alianware R15 for under a year and i have been noticing that spots have been appraing on my laptop screen. I have tried cleaning them with screen cleaning solution but they been to be under the screen.

Please see attached image.

What is wrong with my screen?

Block Image

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I recommend using a cloth that has been damped with water and try using that to clean that part of the screen.

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The spots don't seem to be on the surface of the screen. I have tried screen cleaning solution etc and there is no effect!


Have you tried damp microfiber cloth with water and let that set in on the dirty surface and see if it wipes off?

If that doesn't help then the matte coating has gotten really worn out at that corner.


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That A call for screen replacement, (:

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