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Guides and repair information for HMDX speakers.

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Micro USB charging port broke, can I change the power source?

So I’ve had this HMDX HX-P130GY speaker for years and the micro USB port broke off of the circuit board. I had to keep it plugged in to be able to use it because the rechargeable battery ran out of juice long ago.

Block Image

The pins broke unevenly, and since I don’t have a micro soldering head or much soldering skill, I seriously doubt that I’d be able to reattach the port.

Is there any way I can continue to use this speaker? It’s a great little speaker and the only thing wrong with it is this broken port.

I’m willing to use it without the circuit board and power switch.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Block Image

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It looks like 2 of the 5 leads got ripped off from your board. Your best bet is to try to scrape the green back far enough to find a connection to solder to, but if you are not familiar with soldering you could ask someone else to do it for you and look into buying a new speaker.

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I don't know anyone who'd know how to solder.

I'm not completely uncomfortable soldering, but I'd most likely ruin something this tiny as I don't have the necessary tips.

I'd really like to try to find a way to use this speaker though. There's nothing wrong with the speaker itself and I'd like to try to modify it so I could use it.


Well then you can try to do what I said in my first post by scraping the green surface back far enough to solder a good connection to the usb port. Another option would be to figure out a way to recharge the battery outside of the speaker and then plug it in when you want to use it. If you don't have the fine tips of a soldering iron you can try to use some solder paste flux. You can squeeze it out on the leads and place the usb port on top. Apply some heat with a heat gun or a hair dryer and it will flow into place.


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