Make a hole in a Smart Keyboard Folio


I would like to put a physical lock on my Ipad Pro. To do this, I need to stick a small iron plate at the back of my Ipad. If I do that, I cannot anymore use the smart keyboard folio because the iron plate is a little bit to thick. In order to resolve this issue, I would like to make a hole in the cover part in order to put the iron plate at this location. Do you know if it may damaged my smart keyboard folio to do that ? Is there is a recommended location to do the Hole in the folio cover

Here is an exemple of the plate I want to stuck at the back of my Ipad.

Thank you for your help

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I would also like to perform some surgery on the iPad Pro keyboard folio - not the keyboard side - the other side with the camera cut out. I can find the magnets with no trouble, but the circuit to the smart connector isn’t magnetic. Does anyone have a blueprint, or X-ray of the keyboard folio?


Just in case you're not aware of products like this:

If you do a search of Google Images, there are options for the Mini too.


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I would like to do this as well. On my earlier model iPad I have attached a pop-socket, which works really well for one handed holing. But with the new folio keyboards I don’t know where it is safe to punch a (large) hole. iFixit, can you please do a tear down of the folio keyboards (both sizes)?


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