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The Asus ROG G751JL-DS71 is a 17-inch gaming laptop made by ASUSTeK Computer Incorporated. This laptop is designed to deliver the performance and capability that experienced gamers want.

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Can I swap g751jl motherboard with jy?

im planning to swap the mobo and bottom case of g751jl with g751jy and also get the 230w adapter to power it. will it work and will the bottom case fit? Both mobo looks deadly same size wise and have confirmed it from members as well however we do not have much idea about the bottom case.

Please advise

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alright so i took the plunge and ordered the g751jy mobo. I havent ordered the 230w adapter and the bottom case yet. If im able to detect the gpu then ill order both and be that lucky guy. I always wanted to own gtx980m which isnt better than 1060 but the difference isnt that big yet it feels better to have a top tier 9xx series card what gives


Hi there,

Im Daniel and I am from Perú. I have an issue with my laptop Asus Rog G751JT i7-4720HQ @2.6Ghz, nvidia GTX 970M 3GB. My motherboard is not working (very similar to your case) and I need a replacement, I really want to use this laptop again and I am willing to bring the motherboard from Aliexpress and I will use one of this models from this seller:


I would love to “upgrade” my laptop while Iam repairing it of course, but I really need to be sure about the model I will choose because it comes from China to Perú. Could you guys possibly tell me if the motherboards in those links coulb “fit” in my laptop? I would be really appreciated.



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well guys, guess what, after hours of disassembling the old 965m mobo and after thermal pasting 980m mobo,

………………………….. it worked, took hours but everything turned out great.

So now my specs are i7-4870, gtx 980m, 16gb, 1x 1TB, 1x 140GB, this is so cool.

wifi and everything works, the only thing that doesnt work are the 3 USB ports, will have to figure that out since out of the 3 non working USB ports 2 are old ones which were never replaced. Will have to check the 3.5mms and hdmi.

Very happy to see 980m in device manager though:)

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BTW im still using the old bottom case, dont know if i should get the bigger one, i'm also using the old 180w adapter, if my gaming throttles then illget the 230w.


What was the motherboard model number that you used? Did it have an M.2 port? What was the old motherboard model number? thanks


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Well the external dimensions of the G751JL and G751JY are the same but....?

Is there a parts supplier that will take returns if it doesn't fit?

Some may be able to help if you send clear photos of your motherboard.

I noticed one sight on AliExpress that suggested this.

Good luck!

Let us know how it goes.

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thats the thing the asus page is not able to deliver the right dimensions. while the seller insists the board is same and he literally took several pictures of both boards placed side by side/ and on top. What i see is both jt and jy have thicker bottom case to incorporate better cooling for 970m and 980m respectively. If everything goes right then we're talking about 200$ upgrade for gtx 965m to gtx980m and since my g751jl gpu is dead i either save 200$ and get same board by paying 150$ just for the mobo and be done or spend 170$ for jy mobo, 87$ for 230w adapter and 80$ for jy bottom case.


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