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Entry level laptop introduced in 2015. Comes in a range of processor options from the Celeron to the Core i7. Also comes with a few AMD processors, but most are Intel based.

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Does not shutdown or restart

Hello friends,

The laptop does not respond to the shutdown button or restart button on the start menu. The power button also not working. It only can hibernate and sleep. Could not work with it because it is stuck and continuously warning me to update. I try several ways which i found online. But none of it works. The only solution I can see is formatting and install windows 10 again. Can anyone tell me why is this happened and any solution I can try before format it again?

(Because I formatted it recently like month ago)

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Thats win10 for you. If possible I would recommend downloading latest win10 ISO (on official webiste) and reinstalling the system completely… I had similar problems with Windows10 v1511, and only thing that fixed it was clean system install.

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I was going to boot my pen drive and restore windows. Would that does not fixing the issue?


Well, if you portable/live/bootable OS is Win10, and shutdown works, it can be only one thing - Windows 10 (as usual). Restoration may not fix the problem so this is why I usually suggest clean install if possible. Tho it occurred to me I had similar problem with few laptops that had (busted) card reader, but this is probably unrelated.


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