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Repair and disassembly guides for the Jura (Capresso) Impressa J5 coffee maker.

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Why did my water pump come on and will not stop?

The water pump on my J5 came on in the late hours of the night *by itself*. It constantly runs. Why did the pump come on 12 hours after the machine was turned off? A short?

At this time, the pump runs when i turn the power on. The display shows “warming” until the water in the tank runs out. The brew group has been maintained and the water is draining into the grounds container. Cleaning/descaling current.

So, what phantom is in my machine? What gives the pump instructions?

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Thank you! Update: I broke the gearbox to the lower part of the brew group. I know now how to reassemble it. Also, there was quite a buildup of old coffee before I refurbished it minus the broken gearbox.

So, until I find a gearbox, I will not be able to test the machine. I am still curious why the machine turned on late at night and the pump ran. I happened to be up and luckily heard the commotion. So here's a summary:

1. Machine was off for at least 12 hours. The unit powered up and the pump ran and will not stop.

2. The display reads "warming" while I refill the tank and quickly empty the tray. Never reached temp

3. The pump runs until I unplug the machine.


* I did not power up the machine in line 1.


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