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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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Ghost touch on top right side of screen

Bought a used ipad pro and thought I checked it out pretty well before purchase but not well or long enough apparently, (I've bought cracked iPads in the past with no issue so this took me by surprise and I'm wondering if the fact the ipad pro is more sensitive plays into it)

It has a small less than an inch crack in the top right corner which is where I think the ghost touch is coming from, it effects about one inch down and goes to the mid point of ipad, I normally throw up split screen and an app that it can play without distracting me from my work but I'm hoping to get it fixed soon

Wondering if this a digitizer issue, a wire issue, or a faulty processor?

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It’s the screen going bad. Is it a glass crack that you can feel by running a nail along it? If not it’s on the touch screen layer under the glass surface.

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tow possibility

either the touch damaged and you will need to change it

either the touch ic damaged

and both need good skills to fix

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