kindle fire gen 2, touch is very flakey and almost impossible to use.

Was given this kindle fire gen 2 by my girlfriend who didn’t use/like it. Reset to factory, and got/ensured the software was up to date.

Touch screen is flakey. Sometimes I can touch something and it goes immediately. Sometimes it takes tons of taps and sometimes never accepts the tap. Seems random, but some buttons (shutdown) seem to work pretty reliably. Screen is apparently seeing the tapping, etc. as it often flickers at the top (where the quick menu is) and/or the button changes to gray(er).

Getting the quick pull down menu to get to settings, etc. is almost impossible. I can sometimes get it to pull down but then, without my lifting my finger, it goes away again. ONE time, the quick menu actually stayed on screen, no idea what changed, but it won’t again/now.

I’ve done the factory reset and 40+ second reset, device IS registered and I had it connected to my wifi (had to remove encryption/password as I couldn’t type anything), no help.

I’ve cleaned the screen thoroughly. Device has been hardly used and not abused or dropped that I know of (will double check with girlfriend).

Been a while since I got it from her but I think the touchscreen worked fine until I did the factory reset. Weird.

Any ideas? Think it’s the screen, or the controller, or something else? Probably not worth spending much on, that’s for sure.


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