Ticking Noise While Inactive

When I’ve been away from my iMac for a while, it starts to make a ticking sound, similar to a relay opening and closing. I’ve tried adjusting power settings, but that hasn’t proved helpful. Computer Sleep and Display Sleep are both currently set to “Never.” The MacOS version is 10.14.5. Any recommendations?

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Is this ticking happening when the system is fully off, Sleep mode or while you are running? It's important to understand which time points you here the ticking!


@danj It doesn't happen when it's being used, when the screen saver is visible, or when it's turned off.

It happens after the screen saver has been on and the screen has gone blank. It looks like sleep, but given that it's set to never sleep, I'm not sure what the state is called.

@jessica_fawkes might be on to something.


Maybe power it down for a while and unplug it?


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