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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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My battery health card is enclosed should I change it


I’m enclosing my batteries health, Apple toll free in India suggest battery replacement.

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I do not have an extended warranty, it is very expensive in India. Kindly help me out in this issue with your valuable advice. I’m at cross roads, whether to continue with Apple or switch over to some other brand with an operating system other than Windows. I’ve been using Mac computers from 2000.

Thank you.

Narayanan Lakshman India.

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Battery replacement should usually be considered when it gets to around 89% or below but If you can see it taking an effect on the computer a lot of times than yes it is recommended.

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I agree with Ian you battery is still very healthy.

Why do you think you need to replace it?


This was suggested by the apple technicians who spoke after seeing the performance through Team Viewer


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Are you sure you where speaking to a REAL Apple person or a someone claiming to be Apple and is not?

As far as I know Apple doesn't use TeamViewer for remote viewing. I would be very careful letting anyone persuaded me to do any remote viewing of my system as they could do something on your system to steal information.

Performance issues wouldn't have anything to do with your battery. The amount of RAM the kind & size of your storage and how full it is have more bearing. The newer MacBook Pro’s are all badly throttled due to thermal limitations of the thin frame. The i9 is the worse and not worth the added cost, it’s just a waste.

With such a locked in system with the newer Retina systems with soldered RAM and now soldered storage you need to be more careful on sizing your system from the get go.

Today, I often find people (real Pro’s) need 16 GB or more of RAM and 1 TB or bigger onboard SSD storage. Also keep in mind SSD's need to have at least 1/4 of them left empty for Virtual RAM (V-RAM), caching, paging and in some apps scratch space.

I would monitor the system via Activity Monitor as well as the systems thermals via TG Pro using its logging function to then comparing across the two.

The newer 2016 onward MacBook Pro's do have an issue with power when the system is flat out (a rarity for most). The CPU/GPU can demand more power than what the combined power being supplied by both the battery and power adapter can supply. Basically, the power draw can exceed the supply. This gets into the differences between a portable systems limits Vs a proper desktop for heavy processing chores.

A lot of this gets into what we ideally want and what is technically feasible with todays technology. We want super powerful computers to fit into a laptop! Sadly, this is just not possible no matter who’s hardware you jump to.

True, Apple has overstretched its self with the new 2016 onward models. They are too thin for proper cooling and the CPU’s are badly throttled and the butterfly keyboards have issues.

This series are not designed for REAL Pros or high-end amateurs! I would stick with the 2015 retina MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM for now. At least you could upgrade the SSD and you get a better balanced system.

Yes, this is a sad state of affairs for Apple system lovers, there is a glimmer of hope Apple has seen the light and the next model of the MacBook Pro will address some if not all of these defects. We’ll need to wait till June hopefully we’ll see at least s peak of the REAL Pro gear between the new Mac Pro and the next gen of MacBook Pro which is more Pro.

If I could I would take a magic marker crossing out the word ‘Pro’ on all of the current systems as they are really just a slightly improved MacBook and not a real Pro system at all. Between the locked onboard in RAM & storage, the lack of needed ports and the most important a breakaway power cord (MagSafe) I’m still waiting for a Real Pro’s MacBook Pro!

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I spoke to the real apple toll free number in India, the senior adviser viewed it with their version of Team viewer and I am not sure what they have named it,I will monitor the activity monitor as well as the thermal system with TG pro I will also upgrade the SSD and I will give my system hardware report and take your advice in upgrading the SSD,I think I can buy it from Ifix it itself.Meanwhile I have a separate hard disc for my backup Please advice me how to partition the hdd and dispense of I Cloud since it is expensive


Your Function Key MacBook Pro uses a custom SSD so you only have what Apple contracted. Here's a good reference; The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs - Generation 5. So far BeetsTech is the one of the few sources here in the States.


Not sure I follow your reasoning on partitioning your external drive. I would dedicate the drive to a task as its much more useful that way. So having an external work drive and a second backup drive then you can TimeMachine for your internal drive and use a replicator app to keep your two externals in sync so every file you create or modify is duplicated to the backup drive in real time or when you've connected the backup drive to your system. I use this app File Synchronization from the App Store


I am thankful to you and extremely grateful to you for all the suggestions,I will go through the suggestions and get back to you for further directions.Thank you once again.Narayanan Lakshmanan India


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