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GPD XD is an Android-based handheld game console produced by the Chinese company GamePad Digital, released in late 2015. It has a single, capacitive touch-screen, and is optimized for running emulators and other native Android software.

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Headphone icon will not go away

I’ve had no issues with my GPD XD plus since I got it but recently after using some TRRS earbuds for about a week now, The headphoner icon will not go away when the headphones are unplugged. The only way to get the sound to play out of the speakers again is to manually flick the setting via a third party app such as Headphones and speakers work when manually toggled but the jack detection itself seems broken. I’ve tried cleaning it, Tried plugging and unplugging the jack, Even tried a factory reset but the jack icon is still there.

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You probably have the wrong firmware on it. The headphone jack was replaced on the model and they reversed the polarities of the jack. As a result they had to add a second firmware that works for the new switch. Search the GPD site and get the other version of the firmware you have now. You should also consider getting CleanRom. This is a custom firmware for the XD+. Once installed the fix is just a toggle. Once toggled you are done.

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