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Windows 10 Home based laptop computer

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How to Hard reset laptop

How do I factory reset my laptop. HP

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Looking up the model, i believe it is running windows 10 and I am assuming you have access into operating system settings.

It's simple enough with windows 10 to factory reset. Just so I do my warning. Any files and programs will be removed so ensure any thing you want to keep is backed up on an external drive.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Then updates and security
  3. Select recovery (mine shows up on left tree)
  4. Select reset this pc, by clicking “get started” below it.
  5. Select whether or not you want to keep files or remove everything
  6. Then you get a warning about not being able to go to a previous os
  7. Then a confirmation on what you are doing. Itll take several minutes byt should be retting to factory defaults. Just make sure you have the battery life or just have it plugged in so you don't have it turn odf in the middle od.the process.
  8. Once it restarts you should have to do everything as if starting pc for the first time.
  9. Good luck!

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