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Released in March 2017, the G6 is LG's flagship phone running Android 7.0. This device is available across all major wireless carriers. Physical repair of this device may eliminate water resistance and cause the device to be vulnerable to water damage.

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PLEASE HELP LG G6 Loudspeaker not working

Hi there I needed to replace my LG G6s charging port because it would no longer accept a charge upon replacing it i booted up my phone and it took the charge just fine but the loudspeaker no longer works. I’ve went and bought a new loudspeaker but that no longer works as well another thing to note is that when I use the microphone the audio only picks up on the left side right side is a beep then nothing. Please help.

Its now June, I still need help with this, asked reddit but didn’t get a response there either.

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My phone has stopped playing all forms of media.

Will not play YouTube, music,video.

Will not record from sound recorder

Will not record video from camera

Will not play startup tmo sound.

Researched this error an nothing helped.

I hopes that someone can help me out Been happening for about a month now. I've noticed that if I play a video with stock lg app the video plays in the background but has the "cannot play video" popup on top and plays without sound.

I've tried everything, a simple soft reset to a factory reset

I really hope it's a software issue an not a hardware

Somtime I put phone into the freezer and then after 1 hour turn on phone again all sound are back everything works but some time after a month or 1 week it restarts and and then all sound gone dont know what the issue is?

Any help would be appreciated



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The loudspeaker is powered by 2 pins on the motherboard. It is most likely you are getting a bad connection/contact between the speaker and those 2 pins. You may need to verify nothing is blocking the connection and that the pins are not smashed or broken on the motherboard. You should also verify the loudspeaker portion is seated all the way into the midframe so it makes good contact.

On the microphone you could have damaged it or simply purchased a bad part as it is part of the charge port assembly you replaced.

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One of the pins was slightly bent on the motherboard side of things.


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Hi Russell,

I started getting the moisture / debris error on my LG G6 and after some time it had gone away after I received the part. I also had ordered a replacement battery as the phone was a few years old, and the specs indicated it was either a 3200 mah or 3000 mah battery. I ordered a 3600 mah battery.

Yesterday evening I decided to finally install the replacement battery. After getting it open I also decided to replace the charging port. Everything went according to plan, and after turning the phone back on everything seemed to work ok. Note: The original battery in the phone was apparently a 3800 mah battery which after removing was someone warped. I ended up puting the 3600 mah battery in anyway since it was 3-years old.

This morning however I went to check the audio, and there was none. The audio I did not think to check the previous evening. I figured it was possibly the charging port that was the culprit, however after reinstalling the old one I still had no audio.

I made sure the two contacts were lining up with the speaker card, however still no luck. I then used a microscope and then a monocular and found that one of the pins were bent backwards which is probably why the speaker wasn’t working (not getting contact (I will try to post some pictures of the repair I did)). After bending the post back and puting the phone back together, the sound worked.

I saw some other posts online regarding the replacement charging port not matching up, and also having poor mic audio … so I ended up leaving the original charging port in the phone (I used the microscope to check the part number of the microscope, and they didn’t match with what I purchased online as a replacement).

I am not sure if this is still an issue for you, but if it is … maybe you had the same problem I did.

Good luck.

  • Peter

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Dude! you have no idea how happy I am!!!!

This is exactly what was wrong with mine!!!

and I gently bent the receptor tab back in place and it worked!!!!!

Thank you for posting with pics!!!!


@localfitfoods Glad I could help. Granted, not really using the phone much now other than occasional Mavic Mini flying :-) Upgraded to Samsung S20 Ultra



Could you let me know what are these things near to the speaker pin?

Thanks Mark


One of my pins is completely broken off. Is there a way to replace it?


please tell me about the broken pins


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