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2.2 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz) or 2.5 GHz (Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz) quad-core Intel Core i7 processor with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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MacBook Pro screen is purple what is the cause?

I’ve already tried resetting NVRAM the systems screen stays purple.

I connected to a external monitor and works perfectly.

I’m not sure if it's the LCD or the iDP (eDP) cable is bad. The computer was never dropped or the screen is cracked.

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I have same issue with MBP 15, 2018 (just 90 days after warranty expired). Solution is to change the whole display (local apple service offered this for 880eur). The problem is in the wires from PC board to display - some of them are broken, but they can not change it without changing the complete display. HEAVEN OF STUPIDITY!!! I have paid 3000+ EUR (3,500 usd) for a thing that did work 15 months only.


Same for me. Idiotic how Apple gets away with this


me pasa lo mismo, tengo macbook air 13” 2018, nuevo sin ninguna caída ni nada. De repente, si manipulo simplemente la tapa para abrir el ordenador, me salta toda la pantalla violeta….

English: The same thing happens to me, I have macbook air 13 ”2018, new without any fall or anything. Suddenly, if I simply manipulate the lid to open the computer, the whole purple screen pops up….


I am having the same issue - quote 578.00 for repair. This is not acceptable. Curious how those who got the repair for free on a 13” managed to do so.


I have the exact same issue. Started flashing purple out of nowhere. Istore and apple have both told me there’s nothing they can do other than book me in to pay for a replacement display. I had only just had a £599 screen replacement on the device four months ago. I feel like this is a complete con. If I go ahead with the repair I will have spent more on getting the display fixed in the last 6months than I did on buying the original device. It’s unacceptable considering this appears to be a widespread internal fault?


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Any answer to your question would be pure guess as there’s no way to tell what’s wrong without tests. It maybe be the screen, the cable or even some component on the logic board. Plugging the Mac to an external screen just tells us the GPU is working fine, nothing else.

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The only way to debug this further would be to plug in a spare screen directly into the iDP connection on the logic board to isolate out the display. You still could have a logic board issue as the switching logic between the Thunderbolt and HDMI ports could have an issue as well.


@danj True, I didn't remember about that additional possibility. Lots of things may be wrong here indeed..


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