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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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WiFi/Bluetooth not working. IC module?

WiFi and Bluetooth recently stopped working on my S9+. Initially I thought it was a software problem. So I reset and even did a full software install with Odin. But it still did not work. So, I realized the IC might have been damaged. So, I wemt to the local Repair shop and they heated the IC and modified a bit I guess but it still did not work. So, they told that they would swap the IC and it will take time as they don't have the model. But later they called and said they cannot find it. I found the module for S9+ is Murata KM7N16048 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module from iFixit. Now my question is, what other WiFi/Bluetooth IC can be used on S9+? for example, will the IC of S8+ or other device work? or where can I find the WiFi/Bluetooth IC/module for S9+?

P.S- phone was never dropped or wet. It happened all of a sudden in the morning.

I live in Bangladesh.

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Was it very humid or a sand storm that day?

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No, nothing extraordinary occurred that could explain what actually did it. It was totally a fine day.


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