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Repair and disassembly information for Logitech's MX Master wireless mouse. Released in 2015 and identified by model numbers M-R0052, 810-004457, 910-004337, ‎910-004955, 910-005441, ‎910-005527, or 910-005228.

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side scroll works only in one direction

my side scroll wheel works only one way no mater which way it turns , problem appeared after performing cleaning with compressed air

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Yeah, not a good idea to use an air duster on delicate parts. You’re going to have to open the mouse and see what’s up. You should probably buy new mouse skates before you open the mouse, as there’s a high likelihood that you’ll damage them taking them off to get at the screws. Either way, the mouse has gotta be opened. If you don’t see anything obvious that you can fix yourself, you’ll at least be able to take a photo so people can see what’s going on itn there. It sounds like an easy fix. Like the kind of thing you just look at and see what’s wrong. But you gotta open the mouse. Here’s a video for a different issue with that mouse, but it shows how to open it

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