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Repair guides and information for the HP 250 G3, a budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Laptop wont boot past "press f10 for bios" screen

Laptop wont go past the very initial screen which is just mentions the key yo go ijnto.bios setup. It gets to that screen, shutsoff and starts again and does this in an infinite loop.

If i go into bios setup, or diagnostics the screen does not shut off. Seems to only happen in the boot.

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keep pressing ESC key...

are you able to go to system diagnostics?

check on the hard disk.


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Enter the BIOS and find “Boot device priority” or “boot order”. Make sure the disk you have your operating system installed on, is on that list, and is selected as the first device to boot from. If that looks fine, then you can try to force a refresh. Turn it off and on, and, when you see the rotating loading symbol, hold the power button down until either the computer shuts off, or you see a screen that says something like "Preparing Automatic Repair" . If it just shuts off, try again. You may need to try a few times.

When you get to the automatic repair screen, select “Advanced options” and then “Troubleshoot”

Then select “Refresh your PC” and follow the instructions from there

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