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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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Wireless Adapter Missing & Wireless Light Stays Orange...HELP!

Dropped my laptop, nothing broke, but now my wireless adapter is missing and can't be found in the device manager or in the wireless connections screen.

My wireless button is orange instead of its normal blue light and clicking it doesn't change it to the blue light.

All that is showing in the Network Adapter of my Device Manager is my ethernet (Realtek RTL8102E/8103E Family PCI) and not my Wireless LAN which used to show.

The wireless adapter is also not found in the Control Panel --->Mobile PC--->Adjust Commonly Used Mobility Settings. HP Network Assistant also doesn't work, which I also uninstalled and reinstalled.

At the start up screen, I receive a notice that Wireless Module is not found.

Here's what I've done so far, but with no success:

1) Updated to the latest BIOS version

2) Made sure the Wireless LAN is enabled in the BIOS screen

3) Ensured that there weren't any errors in the Network Adapter in the Device Manager

4) Sleep mode disabled in Power Management in Device Manager

5) Downloaded wireless adapter driver updates

6) System Restore to a previously working condition.

7) Opened the back of the computer where the wireless module is and reseated it just in case it shifted out of place when the laptop dropped. I did this by unscrewing the wireless module and putting it back into position.

I did all of this and my wireless adapter is still not found. If it was showing up then at least I can enable it if it had become disabled, but this is not even the case. On the exterior, nothing is broken. So I'm clueless on what to do.

Please, please, please help.

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Just to confirm; you already tried to reseat it without success and your BIOS can see it but Windows does not find it?


Yes, I completely removed the wireless module but didn't unloosen the 2 wires. Once removed, I put it back into position.

In my BIOS, I did to ensure that my Wireless LAN enabled upon system boot.

In another forum, someone with a similar problem said that the wireless adapter suddenly reappear when they accidentally dropped the laptop. However, I'm not willing to take that risk of hitting my notebook.

The card doesn't look damaged and it's not like it's flimsy to wear my laptop falling on the floor would break it.


I don't think that dropping your laptop would be a great fix. I bet you feel like throwing it, but don't:-) still looking through my sources to see if I come up with anything. Are you using XP,Vista or Win7 on your computer? Your BIOS is recognizing it, that is a good start.


miafab305, just read plenty of info about drivers issues with the network adapter. Would you be willing to download this driver and see what happens? Also I assume that you have no trouble connected with a cat5 ethernet cable.


I'm running Vista.

Yes, my wireless adapter is enabled in BIOS.

I have no trouble connecting with an ethernet cable, which confirms that it's an issue with my wireless adapter.

I did download several different wireless lan drivers & still not working.


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Problem fixed!!!

I tried one more time & reseated the wireless module & now my wireless network adapter is being recognized. Thank you all for your assistance.

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EXCELLENT. Good job.


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i had the same problem once in my system just check the wireless driver and update the driver . check the windows update . make sure power management is uncheck in wireless driver properties . if nothing works than at last contact hp and i hope that solves the issue . thanks

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same your wifi being disabled?

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