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Nissan unveiled the seventh generation Sentra in August 2012. The new Sentra is completely redesigned inside and out but is a rebadged Chinese and Japanese market Sylphy.

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engine reving up and down while driving at a high speed

why is the engine reving up and down and the rpm’s going up and down while driving at a high speed?

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When does it happen exactly? Or is it completely random? While in cruise control? Going uphill or downhill? More details!


When RPM's go up and down does it feel like the car losses power? Could this be a transmission that's going out? Is it stick or automatic?


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If it has an automatic transmission, the ‘kickdown’ probably needs adjusting. If you say that to your mechanic and describe you symptoms, he should know what you mean.

And here’s an article explaining kickdown if you’re interested.

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