black dp output but HDMI and analog ports working on GTX 1060 6gb


I was just working on my pc and than my monitor stopped working. i restarted my pc, still wasn’t fixed, i swaped my DisplayPort cable, still nothing, when i used hdmi, everything was fine. i reinstalled my drivers, reset windows and still nothing. when i looked in set up multiple monitors, the monitor was showing up, like it was completely normal. also my monitor was still powered, not in sleep mode and i could move my cursor away from my second monitor, the cursor just dissapeared. What can i do?

Thank you

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Just wondering if the problem is with the monitor's DP input and not the video card's DP output.

Can you connect the monitor to another PC's DP output and check if it works OK or not?


no, i tried that already but dadly it doesn’t work

also i tried doing only DP port, without a second monitor, but same results


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