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A high-end PC workstation by HP, released in April of 2012.

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Obtaining additional power for Graphics cards

I see that there is space for added graphics cards and appropriate slots. Is there some type of extra power cables near the graphics cards that would allow a GPU with added power requirement (6 or 8 pin power connector for card) to be added.

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What kind of power supply do you have: brand & model number. Most recent power supplies already have an extra output connector for graphics cards. Is it a modular supply? i.e., connectors plug into receptacles on the supply.


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Depending on which Z820 power supply you have there should already be 2 or 3 6-pin connectors available for powering GPUs. The unused 6-pin connectors will be held in a plastic bracket right behind the front fan assembly. If you need 8-pin power connectors then you will need to buy adapter cables. The HP power supply provides up to 18A power on each of the 6-pin connectors, so to be safe you should buy the HP 6-pin to 8-pin adapter versus no-name ones which mostly appear to be 18AWG and can only support up to 10A.

More info via the HP forums:

HP product link:

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You can buy any atx power supply with a 6 or 8 pin connector. A few brands I like are EVGA, Seasonic and Corsair. Luckily, they are very affordable as well.

There are cables that convert molex to 6 and 8 pin connectors, but without knowing your power rating and the rails those connectors use I wouldn’t recommend them.

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This question is posed on the z820 repair thread. The HP z820 workstation uses a custom, proprietary power supply and the chassis will not support standard power supplies.


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