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Logitech M515 Wireless (Couch) Mouse

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Assemble disassable Logitech M535

I accidentally dropped my Logitech M535 and now the bodywork is partially open on one side. There is no obvious way to disassemble it  in order to fix it: I’ve tried to look under the pads to see if there was a screw underneath like in the Anywere MX with no luck).

Suggestions are welcome. The mouse is still usable but the fact that it’s partially open annoys me and I would like to fix it.

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Hi Steam,

thank you for your suggestion in fact I figured this out a few days later of publishing the question and wrote a little guide to disassemble my mouse (Logitech M535 Disassembly).

As you pointed out there is a little screw just under the battery sticker.




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I don't have the same model, but in most logitech mice of this quality have a single screw under the sticker in the battery compartment. After that screw it's just a bunch of snappy snap things that might be a bit difficult to pry open, but you can do everything by hand without tools after that first screw.

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