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How to increase ram of graphics card, i.e 2080 Ti .

On my journey of becoming a data scientist I wanted to buy a graphics card, I learnt that the memory is the important part as it will be useful to hold very large data sets. I saw some people claiming to increase the memory by soldering memory chips with higher capacity than the ones with which it ships. . I was able to get a 2080 Ti 11gb , next would be tesla cards with even more memory and they are super expensive. it would be really helpful if this was achievable and proper instruction was available to do it.

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Hello Giri

I'm not sure you can change the memory without modifying the BIOS. In any case, it is expensive to take risks with this graphic in particular.

Have you seen Vega VII? From what I have heard, it is better for scientific calculations (not for games) than 2080TI and it has 16gb BM2, which should be much higher than the 11gb DDR.

It's not the answer you expected, but it's my best answer ^^

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