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Samsung's flagship phone-with-stylus and the successor to the Note8, released August 2018. Features a 6.4" display and up to 512 GB of onboard storage.

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Broken LCD or bad battery?

Hello, I was given a note 9 that I plan to get repaired Friday. I wanted to know the extent of the damage it has suffered. Previous owner threw it and cracked the front screen back screen and knocked the flash out of it. The phone willnot turn on at all as far as I can tell. Would there be any indication that The phone can still turn on with a cracked LCD? Or is my battery damaged? When I plug it into the charger no lights or vibration is present and holding the power button does squat. Would prefer answers/further questions emailed to me at;

Will check back here later for answers thanks I'm advance!

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If only the screen is bad for example with no display it should at least show a red indicator light showing it is charging at the top left of the screen.

It also vibrates a bit when you start charging the phone. An USB ammeter which you can buy online such as on eBay will help you with diagnosing no display / no power phones as it tells you how much amps the phone is drawing from the wall charger to the phone.

If it’s stuck at something like 0.5A or less from a USB ammeter reading it means there is more damage to the phone than just the screen.

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