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Portable Laptop Computer powered by an Intel Celeron Processor running on Windows XP. Model NO: MS2109

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I want to make a server

I have 4 computer in the house and i want all of them to be connected to one pc as a server and control all of them with 1 computer…. what must i have and do?

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Hi @naunyango

What do you want to control and what do you want to do with?

File Server ?????


yes file server.


What is your OS? Windows 10? If so, it's easy.


Window 7 ,,,


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I would set mine up as a Linux server using Samba because its free. Instructions here. You could also set up Apache and make your files available from anywhere.

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Jonathan —

Choose the computer you wish to use as a “file server.” Then, select the drive that will hold the files you wish to access. “Share” that drive. Then, go to each of the other computers and “Map” that drive on each of them.

Instructions here:

I am doing this with a six computer network using Windows 10. Works great. Let me know if any questions.

Good luck,


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How to creat network password or which password do i need to use?


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