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Repair information for the Crusher Wireless headphones. Model number: S6CRW-K591. First available on Amazon in August of 2016.

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What should I do if they wont turn on, even if they're charged

The headphones wont turn on even though they are fully charged. The bass wont work if they’re plugged in with an aux chord.

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From what I have gathered; there is a few things that could be wrong. First the battery could be really low and may need to be charged over night. If this doesn’t work the battery may have failed. If they don’t turn on wirelessly, and work via an aux cord only, then you may have to replace the battery (if one can be found) to get them working again. One question though. Do they power on?

Hopefully this helps!

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I have this issue with mine and they don't turn on even after leaving them charge all night the light like split second lights up when u plug it in then when u press the power or volume button lights up for a split nanosecond lightish blue and nothing happens they don't have any light staying on at all


I have the same problem my light on the headphones wont even turn on but the aux works


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I have this problem with my headphones to and I don’t know how to fix it but I think I know how this issue started. I recently got a PS5 and it came with a charger for the controller. I used that same wire and charged the ANC headphones but it’s a very low powered charger and i didn’t know at the time. Ever since I used that wire charger for my headphones I’ve been having issues where I cannot turn on my headphones and if I somehow do it makes a very weird buzzing noise and won’t connect. Maybe try using a different wire to charge your headphones there may be something wrong with the wire. I am currently trying this to see if it works. I’ll come back and tell u if it does.

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