Power supply voltage test

Hi can anyone advise please?

my iMac won’t start up. I have mains power to the psu and the following DC output voltages on pins 1 to 16 But nothing else picture sounds etc it’s completely dead.

psu board ref ADP-310 AF B  614-0476China

Pin 1 earth

pin 2 2.7mv & 1.2v when output plug disconnected

pin 3 earth

pin 4 11.92v

pin 5 earth

pin 6 1.1mv & 3.6 v when output plug disconnected

pin 7 earth

pin 8 earth

pin 9 earth

pin 10 2.8mv & 1v when output plug disconnected

pin 11 11.92v

pin 12 11.92v

pin 13 11.92v

pin 14 11.92v

pin 15 11.92v

pin 16 earth

ps. Pins 2,6,10 dc voltages increase when DC output plug disconnected

both large capacitors 300 v dc

Does anybody have the wiring diagram or details of the actual figures for testing my psu before I purchase a new?

Looking forward to some replies ;)

thanks for your time

paul Williams

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