Ps4 slim, disk drive pins keep rolling ever 15 seconds

Hi, i had problems with my disk dive before and I opened up the ps4 to see what it was and after I opened it it made it worse, I fixed the initial problem… ThenThen the dvd drive pins start rolling every 15 seconds or so.. Dosent read games when you put a game in it eject back out and the pins start rolling again… I thought it was the dvd drive itself… SoSo. I bought a brand new. Dvd drive installed it in the ps4 and its still doing it and have no idea what to do… II will attach a video to help make sense of this

Model : CUH 2116B

Please anyone who could help get in touch I've no clue how to fix this..

Thanks for taking the time to read


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How is the plate that covers the disc drive? Is it bent? Can you post a pic?


Hi, I bought a brand new disk drive and installed it and it's doing the exact same thing


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