I just bought a 208 in 1 game card, please help

I just got the game today. I put it in the DS lite and it worked fine. Played 3-5 of the games on it and went to play another. When I turned the device on it was no longer reading the card.

I tried another game card and finally got other games to read, but it still won't read my 208 in 1 game card.

I blew in the slots, tried putting a paper cardboard in with the card, checked the SD on my phone (games worked fine through an emulator I'd installed) but I can't get it to read again on my DS lite. I even cleaned the visibly clean cards.

I know it's not the ds's prongs because it will read my other game. So what do I need to do to get this game to work again? Why did it stop working? I didn't do anything but turn in off then back on…..

Please help…….I just want to play my games…..

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