Window-off track- 2012 Land Rover LR4 HSE LUX

I’ve taken the panels off and got the window back up and held with tape. I believe it just fell out because the motor still works (you hear it lifting up & down) and I need to figure out how to put it back in the slot. Any advice would be greatly appreciated I do not have an owners manual for this .


I was stumped on this window and sadly enough, it sat in my garage/shop for 2 Days until we fixed it. This is my personal vehicle so I was lucky enough to have a shop I could leave it in. I own a limo buss co. and fortunately have lots of transportation at my disposal. This would have REALLY SUCKED if that wase’t the case.

Soo here it goes….

Driver Side Window-Dropped out of the slot (rattling sound in door)

Take off the door panel 1st (lots of you tube vids on this)

Once you unclip everything and remove panel you will see the door frame & speaker. You will need to remove the window actuator (big piece in the middle of the door with 5 or 6bolts) and the speaker. After removing the speaker you will feel a small bar in the “speaker hole”. Remove the 2 nuts from the bar, Then remove the actuator and slide it to the right of the door. You will see which way it wants to go, you need access to the window behind it.

I was able to grip the window with a dent puller (suction cup) and lift it up no problem. From there I removed the widow by continuing to lift it straight up and out of the door at a 90% angle (roughly)


I was able to see the the 2 plastic clips where snapped in half and that’s why the window had dropped out of the slot. We cleaned the broken pieces with degreaser and a terry cloth to get a snice clean surface.

Get yourself some $10 plastic epoxy (bonds to plastic to make a SOLID piece) and let it sit for 10 min. It will smell like a nail salon, so make sure to have some good ventilation.

Once epoxy resin has bonded, repeat the same steps to assemble the door.

1st install window and hold it up with tape. Then hook up wires so you can roll the window down. You want the actuator all the way up then lower it 25%. Then carefully release the tape and guide the window into the actuator slots. Once that is done roll it up and start assembling the door just like you took it apart.

You will need to reset the 1 touch assist on the window. To do this you need to roll the window all the way down and hold the button for 5 sec. Then roll it up and hold for 5 sec, that should do it!!


DON’T SLAM YOUR DOORS! Lessen learned on that one

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