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Repair information for the Fitbit Ionic. A smart watch with GPS tracker and music player on bluetooth. This device has been recalled for safety reasons.

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Replace screen Ionic - Ionic

I have an Ionic with a damaged screen and the replacement worked until last week firmware update… it is dead since then…

How could I replace the screen from the dead one to the broken screen but working ?

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I found this tutorial on youtube: Would be great to see it on IFixit along with parts....


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Remove the strap from the wrist

heat the watch slowly to approx. 80 degrees Celsius

gently(!) place a opening tool between the glass and the frame of the watch and lift the glass carefully and slowly

disconnect the connectors

replace the glass

put everything together

WARNING: Be very carefull, since the rubber seal between the glass and frame is easily damaged and you need it to seal the watch. I haven't found any spare part for this yet and I did not managed to preserve it.

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Hi! I also have a broken glass on the Ionic. Where can i find the repair guide and parts?


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