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LTE-enabled variant of the fifth generation of iPad, released in March 2017. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options featuring a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A9 processor.

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Why can’t I access 4 LTE with SIM card in same location?

I am having a lot of trouble accessing the network using my iPad Pro that has an LTE SIM card installed. I also use my iPhone 8S in that same location (with an LTE SIM card) and my iPhone has no problem accessing the network.

What can I do to alleviate this issue? Do I need to install a new LTE SIM card?

please help, thank you

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1 Antwoord

Check your settings on the ipad under cellular

What kind of case do you have on the ipad

Did you purchase the ipad overseas or from ebay ect?

LTE frequencies differ between countries

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I already checked my settings, they are good. I’m not sure what type of case, but maybe I should take it off for awhile and see how things go? I bought my iPaf thru Verizon in the USA and I’m using it in the USA.

My only thought is that I loaded an app on it a few weeks ago, and I’m wondering if that app is slowing it down.

I’m kinda embarrassed of the app - it’s Surveys on the Go, with TrackCash Weekly.

Could that be slowing stuff down?


iphone apps cant effect the device like this :)


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