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Released January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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How do you remove live demo mode

I purchased a few of these Vivo XL + from a wholesaler and they are all in Demo mode. The power button only works to turn on the phone or to make the screen turn back on after it times out. The phone is running a splash advertisement as if it was sitting in the store. Is there a way to remove this so the phone is just a phone?

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  1. If You Can Go To Home Then Read My Advice.
  2. Go To Home
  3. Open Up Settings
  4. Go To Phone Information
  5. Click On Build Number Repeat Repeatedly
  6. Open Developer Options
  7. Find Option Demo Mode
  8. Simply Turn It Off

Update (02/27/2019)

Then you can try “The Microsoft Lumia Way”. Hard reset your phune by recovery mode

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Thank you for the instructions. I tried and unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. I have uploaded a video of what is going on with the phone. If you would be so kind to watch it real quick and give me your feedback I would appreciate it greatly.


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