Operational Amplifier Power Problem

I want to use the op amp as a voltage follower. The input voltage range is between 1V and 45V. I have found a few high-voltage power amplifiers on the Internet. 2142 seems to be fine. However, the datasheet says that it can be powered by a single power supply or dual power supply. VCC+ is +22V and VCC- is -22V. Then if I want a single power supply, add +44V to the positive power supply, can the negative power supply be grounded? If not, is there any other way?

I ask that the output voltage does not have to be very accurate. It is required to output 1V~45V, and the actual output can be about 1V~40V. In this way, I put the voltage of 45V to the operational amplifier as the positive power supply and the negative power supply to the ground. At the same time, it is also connected to the 45V of the same input terminal. Should it output about 43V?

I looked through many passages about it on the Internet, like Operational Amplifier Principle and Circuit and so on, but I just confused by all kinds of articles.

So if you have any good ideas, could you please share them to me?

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