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Wireless on-ear headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and 40 mm drivers, rated for 16 hours of battery life.

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Do you know if I can buy certain parts?

My step dad sat on my head phones and cracked the plastic that connects the right ear piece to the rest of the head set. Is there a site where I can maybe purchase a new plastic part?

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No, you cannot buy replacement parts for these or most headphones even. If you really need to salvage this pair, your best bet would be to try to glue the plastic back together, although it’s tough to see exactly how the broken pieces fit together in your photos.

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Thanks Ian— I pretty much expected that. Basically a piece of the plastic broke off. I’m thinking of getting some of that putty that hardens... because the plastic goes around that little metal screw. Anyways. Thank you!


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