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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Should I remove this coating on the LCD?


I am replacing my front panel on iPad using the ifixit guide. There is this foam found on the outside border of the LCD. Should I remove this? I afraid to remove it since it might somehow interfere with the digitalizer.

Block Image

Block Image

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Foam is there to stay, do not try to remove it, it will be covered by the top glass frame and you won’t notice it once it’s mounted in place.

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This is the dust proofing foam gasket. It is torn when you disassemble the device and NOBODY on the internet seem to sell any kind of replacement, so keep what you have as much as possible.

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UnionRepair seems to carry them now.


Doesn’t look like the original part or design, just generic foam tape.


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