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Blue, red or white 11" Dell Inspiron 11-3162 released on February 16, 2016.

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No Boot Device Found and Hard Drive Working Outside Normal Parameters

This is a refurbished Dell Inspiron 11-3168. The OS is Windows 10. I know it's in the wrong category, but Inspiron 11-3168 doesn't have it's own category on here for whatever reason.

So my computer ended up getting a blue screen of death one day. It was taking too long to finish restarting, so I turned off the computer to see if it would MAYBE do the trick... That was a very bad idea.

Ever since then, I have had two problems: The first problem is that everytime I would try to turn on my computer, I would get "No Boot Device Found", and would be forced to turn off the computer. I think I tried everything I could think of. I went to the Aptio Setup Utility, and:

If I disabled Windows Boot Manager: Still no boot device found.

If I disabled Fast Boot: Still no boot device found.

If I disabled Secure Boot: Still no boot device found.

If I disabled Load Legacy Option Rom: Still no boot device found.

If I disabled Windows Boot Manager AND Secure Boot: Still no boot device found.

If I switched from UEFI to Legacy: Still no boot device found.

If I disabled everything: Still no boot device found.

If I changed the boot priorities: Still no boot device found.

As for my other problem: For some reason, my harddrive is operating outside of normal parameters and that I need a new one. My computer's warranty also expired. That's what I was told when I went to boot diagnostics.

Something that used to happen was that "Repairing Your PC" loop. That stopped occuring however, and now it only says, you guessed it, "No Boot Device Found". So... yeah, I don't know what to do now. Is there a way I can fix this somehow? At least without having to spend money? And if the harddrive is "operating outside of normal parameters" am I still able to at least get my stuff from off of it somehow? I absolutely have no idea what’s going on.

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the internal emmc chip is fried - apparently a common problem with this model. i've given mine a second life by running chromium os from a live usb (but you can run windows or linux distros if you fancy)

* you’ll need a minimum 8GB usb/micro sd for the os. setup the usb according to their instructions.

  • once you’ve setup the usb then next will be changing the boot order on the dell bios.
  • turn on the laptop and hit F2 to enter into bios setup. navigate to boot options and change from uefi to legacy and choose to boot from usb first. then save your changes, reset and hopefully the computer will now boot into your new os :)

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No boot device found will be seen when the path for operating system is introduced with an error or you have to install clean windows

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This happens more times than it should, I have seen this first hand SEVERAL times. Your hard drive has died. Plain and simple. You need to replace it and reinstall the operating system a “system restore” disk. This can be obtained from Dell for a cost. OR you can download a Windows restore disk for free using another computer. The step to do this are one the windows sight and there are several YouTube videos. Like I said, I have seen this a lot. Quite often if you have a keep ear you can HEAR the drive making an odd clicking sequence that sounds different than a normal drive in operation if you have a trained ear. Hope this helps. Sorry about your luck. It's a pain, but it's a relatively cheap fix. It's just going to cost you a few hours, and whatever was on that drive is gone forever.

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this model doesn't have a hdd, only a chip that's soldered onto the board. i'm not sure where this "click" you speak of is located.


Oh, like the guy above said emmc fried. Boot from USB is good option


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