Did Samsung stop support for the Gear S2?

So I went away on a trip for about 2 weeks. When I returned, I noticed my Gear would no longer connect to my Note 9. I ensured the Gear’s Bluetooth was enabled, as well as the WiFi connection. It is not in Airplane Mode either. On the Gear App, it will not detect when it tries looking for devices. On the Gear, it also shows the Time and Date way off. It seems like it Y2Ked itself with the New Year. The Timezone is not accurate, as it is currently 4:33 PM, but it will only display 1:15-1:33 AM before looping back. I tried changing to the TimeZone to no luck. So either somehow the C/MOS RAM on the Logic Board died out, or Samsung cut Support. If anyone knows about this or is having the same issue, I appreciate the support. Oh, and as well “I’ll be eternally grateful” as iFixit says.

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