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The 2015 version of the Samsung Galaxy A3 budget smartphone.

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Why is my touch screen function not responding

I dropped my phone a few ahours ago. The fall was not that bad, I just fell off my lap when I stood up from the couch. I tried to restart it thinking the screen was frozen but when the phone restarted it was still the same. I still get messages, the up down home and power buttons all still work but the only thing I can't do is get a response when I touch the screen. It's like the whole thing still works fine its just the part of the program that responds to touch that got corrupted. Is the any way to fix this without an expert? I also tried the volume up+home+power but all that gets me is a screen shot so m guessing it isn't inbuilt. Please help, 've never gone this long without a phone

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Replace the screen because there are microcracks under the screen likely. I had same problem with my galaxy j3.

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What probably happened is that the cable for the Digitizer got loosened or disconnected. Use this guide to open the phone up and see if the cable is still seated properly (If you don’t have the required tools, especially the heat gun, I’d advise you to get them. They’re vital for people who repair their own phones). If it is, then it may be a component of the LCD/Digitizer that is broken, meaning that you’d have to get a replacement. You can get the part from here or search online to find a cheaper alternative.

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Galaxy A3 (2015) Screen Afbeelding


Galaxy A3 (2015) Screen


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